Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Eggs And Spoon Race.

First we went outside to play a game of egg and spoon race. game we were playing outside in the field to play that Mr Blake tech us and long time ago Mr Blake was playing the egg and race game to. in England he played it. It was windy out there and when we were playing it was very fun and funny.

In the race we got into a teams of three and Mr Blakey handed out the eggs.When he handed out the spoon to. the first person has to  put his hands behind his back and put the egg on the spoon. and walk carefully and if you drop the egg you pick it up and keep on going. and when you get to the cone you turn around and go back. and give it to your friends. and when they come back they give it to the other person in your team and sit on the ground. and at the end of the race we went to class. and we were doing it because it was for mr Blakey. because he was playing it school a long long ago. and we played it it was fun. and when we were going to start. we had to balance so we don't drop the egg. and had to walk slowly. and if you drop the egg. it will break. and splash into pieces.And it will be yuck so yuck. and you will lose and the other team will win. and we are the loser now. if we didn't drop it we would won the race. and the other team will lose.

I would like to play it again it will be fun to play it again.

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