Thursday, 24 November 2016

Little red ridding hood.

Once upon time there was a girl called red riding hood. She lived in a cottage and the weather was a little bit sunny. She lived with her mother. She was little and her mum nice. She looked kind and she was good girl. Then her mum said to take a basket of food and she saw a big bad wolf it was a bad wolf and the bad wolf said where are you going and little red riding hood said I'm going to my grandmas house the wolf and said have a race and little red riding hood said yes the wolf took a shortcut to red riding hoods grandma's house and then when the wolf came to the house and knocked on the door and grandma said come in the wolf came in and ate her. And put on her pyjamas so could eat little red riding hood when little red riding hood knocked on the door the wolf said come in and little red riding hood opened the door and she put down the basket down on the ground and when the wolf got up the wolf tried to get little red riding hood she run away from the wolf and the man heard little red riding hood screaming and he came and saw at the wolf. He heard something in the wolf's tummy and it was grandma little red riding hood picked up the basket of food. The man ate two cookies to. Little red riding hood lived happy ever after.

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