Monday, 28 November 2016

On wednesday the 9th of november we were so “excited” to go to the manaiakalani film festival our teachers had to call out the roll because they didn’t want to leave some other kids behind that payed their 2$ for the trip to the manaiakalani film festival.Then it was time for us we walked over to the bus but we had to wait because some buses were already full with kids. we were so happy because we got to go on the camp bus it was so cool in there then we made it to sylvia park and the whole of sylvia park was filled with schools.But we went in there first and it was a little bit loud because people were too much talking to there friends. we were waiting so happily and then mrs burt standed up on the stage and talked about stuff after when mrs burt finished her talk the lights when off and we were so scared but it was actually cool because they started the movies and the presents who came up in front of their friends and the stage was so down the bottom but we could see their faces and i had some butterflies in my tummy.All friends sat next to each other but some didn’t because they were separated from their teachers after the movie was finished we were so tired.The lights were on on and we had to go now because the buses were waiting for us Then we got on the bus.And we started to sing in the bus and we were at school and we said thank you to bus driver the was driving us but the best movie was the family and pikachu movie and this was about my Manaiakalani film festival.“””””THE END“””””

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