Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Topic sentence

Fire fighters need to be brave, courageous and always willing to look after others. Fire fighters always have to look out for people who are caught in the fires in the house. I would like to be a firefighter.

Topic sentence

To be a pilot you need to think carefully, make good decisions and always keep the safety others in mind. It is really safe to put your seatbelt on so you don't get hurt. You always have to wear your seatbelt so you don't crash. I would love to be a pilot.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Cross Country

First we all lined up along the start line. When mr bruat claped and when I run it was so cold because it was cold when I was nervous about when he clapped it I had butterflies in my tummy because it was frizeing like I was on frosty ice and still run till I was really muddy on the mud around my body it was really yucky on my feet and the other kids were puffing after that the other runners were coming up to me and I was puffing too and luky I didn't come last in cross country I was thirsty when I came past the finish line and I had drink when miss Clark give me the glass of water.

Why was I late for school

It was a normal day I woke up in the morning and set the clock alarm and I went to brush my teeth and I went to have breakfast and I went to school. When I got there I saw money on the ground and I picked it up it was 500 dollars so I went to the shops to buy a brand new bike with 500 dollars and brought a rabbit too I named him jack  because it was my best pet and he hugs me all the time he's so funny and that's why I was I was late for school.