Friday, 23 February 2018

Back to back challenge.

Today i was running late to school i woke up at 7:48 and then i was suppose to be at school at 8:45! so quickly hurried to my room to get ready but first i had a shower then i quickly hurried to put my clothes on and then hurried down to put my shoes on (and also tie my shoes up) then i hurried really really quickly and fast into the car and then went fast to the car.When i got to school i had to go to the office and enroll myself in and then i ran to class and took off my shoes and then went to put my bag down on the chair then i went into to my literacy class which is Rm 8.Today what were doing is something a little bit different it was an activity an activity that is called (back to back). When we got outside and lined up in our two lines miss parrant told us about what we were gonna do so miss parrant said that we weren't aloud to go and make noise because other classes where doing their work and we didn't want to make any noise but unforntally students from my class had been talking and walking everywhere so then miss parrant told us to come back and sit in our two lines.Miss parrant said that we are now not aloud to go where room 2 or 3 i think but we had to go sit where our classes where.We had to go back to back with our buddies.What we had to do was we had to wait for miss parrant to hand our buddies a blank paper and and there other buddie is waiting for miss parrant to hand the paper with the drawing after we your buddie got it you had to draw.The next thing is we had to tell our buddie what to draw and they had to My final image looked like the drawing on the paper that i had to tell my buddie it was very cool doing the activity.draw the things we tell them to draw and when we are finish we had to hand our drawing paper to our teacher and go and sit in our two lines outside our class.When we were doing this activity it felt fun and really really fun.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Kiwifruit Activity.

Task description:What we had to do was do an activity about kiwifruit and there was a another kiwifruit called golden kiwifruit and there is gold inside the kiwifruit.Now there are two kiwifruit and they are made in New Zealand,Italy,Chile.

Walt: Explain in my own words what my group name means using the readings.


Thursday, 8 February 2018

number of the week

Task description: This week my number is 67 we had to do a activity after lunch.We had to solve problems in this activity.We had to do these numbers in different ways.

Walt: to use a range of different strategies to solve problems

Monday, 5 February 2018

Learning to tell the time


 WALT: to be able to write the time in word form and number form.
WALT: explain my day using time.
Task description:For this task we learnt how to tell the time. We also learnt how long we are awake and asleep for.We learnt the digital, analog and written from telling the time.We had a chance to attempt the bronze,silver and gold challenges, I solved that how many hours i stayed awake and also what time i woke up and also solved a lot of stuff on my time tables activity.................

Friday, 2 February 2018

All About Me.

Paragraph One:

Malo lelei my name is Jazzelle and my age is 10 years old and i am a year 6 and I am in room 6,7,8.In my family I have two brothers and two sisters and my parents and my grandparents. Where I live is in glen innes NZ i also have two beautiful teachers and one handsome man teacher and the their names are Miss Parrant,Miss Szymanik and the last one is Mr Goodwin they are the best teachers in the whole wide world the three teachers are so cool but also lovely in class.

Paragraph Two:
I am interested in playing rugby and netball.My favourite food is KFC Mcdonalds and also pork with rice and curry.While my favourite TV show is home & away,shortland street,neighbours and also i like watching movies my favourite movies are jumanji,IT,emoji movie and those all the tv shows and movies i like.My favourite sports are netball,rugby,basketball.My favourite colour is blue,black,purple.what i like to do in the weekends are playing rugby basketball play with my friends and play ball rush and my lucky last is playing in the playground.So what i would do in my spare time is help my family in the house and play with my siblings and also to do my work at home on my chromebook and also help my teachers with stuff.

Paragraph Three:
What i enjoy learning at school is doing writing,maths,reading and I like learning about new stuff in class and actually doing and learning stuff why i like learning at school because if you learn at school you can get more better and keep on learning stuff because I go school everyday to learn and keep on learning.The area i would like to work is i would like working in a quiet space with my friends and just work.I would like to learn my timetables off my heart at home but not kind of ready to do my time-tables off by heart in class.Thank you for visiting my blog and following my learning journey and please feel free to leave a positive comment thank you.      

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Making A Poem That Is Called Harmonica

Hi my name is Jazzelle and in class which is room 9 we made a harmonica but i call it a kazoo it was really fun making it so first we needed a Popsicle stick also a big rubber band and a straw and also a small rubber band so first what we had to do is place the big rubber band on the Popsicle stick after we did that we had to cut the straw up to only a little then after when we cut the straw up we had to put the straw underneath the big rubber band then we put another Popsicle up on top the other Popsicle and put the small rubber bands and wrap it around the Popsicle stick and then when you have finished you get too blow your own kazoo or you can call it harmonica and then you can blow it and blow it at home it was really really fun making a harmonica and i really like to make some more harmonica at school 

Time Tables.

 Yesterday at maths time we had to finish off our time tables and i have finished my time tables maths is already finish this was kind of easy and kind of hard because sometimes time tables are kind of hard but sometimes its kind of really is because i sometimes get help from teachers or my parents at home so that when i do my time tables it would be more easy for me to do my time tables and i have finished my time table from yesterday but i kind of liked doing the time tables activity's and it was really fun doing time tables.