Friday, 30 September 2016


Wonder woman is a good woman she became a famous Woman in the whole wide world she became famous Because she always would be there to save the day. When bad people destroy the city and then wonder Woman Would come and save the city because of the Bad people. Wonder woman grew up to be a brave Wonder woman 

but then one day she woke up at 9:30 And everything was bad she woke up very very late she Got ready to save the day but everything was destroyed By the bad people. The towns were messed up and even The buildings were falling apart and the bad people had killed some of the that were in home. Then all people gathered up for the people that died in the city when the bad people was destroying their city Wonder woman felt sad because of all the other people’s kids that died in the city and it said rest in peace to these kids and these parents that had died and their child is with their dad and there missing all their family 

so Wonder woman went and had dinner and went to sleep she woke up in the morning and she had breakfast and she went to brush her teeth and wash her face and put her suit on and her boots she was ready to go and help the city but it was normal everything was normal then she flew back home and took off her suit and she also took off her boots and she she straight away went to sleep.

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