Friday, 1 July 2016

Te tuhi

First thing in the morning we split into two groups and then the first bus arrived and then the first group went into the bus and we were the second group so we had to go after morning tea so we stayed behind and done some writing and reading and our maths and our poem. Then we done some art with Mr vogt we cuted out our art and we posted our colorful wheel on the wall and then we had to go to class because it was nearly morning tea time so we rushed back to class we had to stay in class because it was raining. Then we had to stop the movie cause the other group was coming soon so we packed up the class and then the first group came in and we had our lunch boxes in our friends big bag we were so excited so we lined up outside and we walked to the bus and we walked and sat on a chair. after that we were at te tuhi our teachers say we have to be quiet cause other people are eating so we quietly walked into te tuhi and we handed out our bag to miss king and Mr moran and then jeremy came and then we had to stand up we were looking at awesome things and then we went into a dream class where you make things out of shapes and we done some art and the we had to pack up and go outside to line up. Then we walked and watched some art gallery movies it was fun and then we went to get our friends bag and get out our lunch boxes and get our yummy food out and then the bus came and we had to pack our lunch boxes in our friends bag cause the bus was nearly gonna leave us so then we lined up and went outside to get on the bus and then we got to school and everybody said that was a fun trip and we went back to class the end.    Jul 1, 2016 10:36:38 AM.jpg   

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