Friday, 17 June 2016


A long ago their was a taniwha that would come out at night when everyone is sleeping it is very scary. Once there was a boy named Tamarereti he was a little bit tall and then he went to go and get his waka and went fishing he Collected lots of fishes.

but then suddenly the wind went away and then Tamarereti felt tired and then he fell asleep in his waka then the waka stopped at a Island but then he wondered where he was.

then he went and made fire and then putted the fish on top of the fire and then cooked it then he ate it then he saw something on the side it was lights.

then he went back home safely because of the light that was shining at Tamarereti. and then the ranginui came and said thank you Tamarereti for the lights.

he was gonna get punished by the maori god but he was safe cause the Ranginui  didn’t punished him and He saved the land and now my sky is very beautiful.


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